Reviews for "3LIND game"

Please let the creator(s) of this game know that I signed up to Newgrounds specfically to write this review. Wow, this game blew me away. I love the puzzles - just the right difficulty. Figuring things out comes after a few short seconds of applying lateral thinking. The visuals are arresting and the audio haunting. The one thing stopping these five stars are the amount of times I smashed in to the walls on the last level - the controls are slightly too sensitive, but overall: fluid.

There really is no excuse for this game to go uncompleted after ten-fifteen minutes. Just think outside the box.

If this overall dynamic will be a recurring theme, I will be watching this developer closely/ Bravo to you, sir/madame.

spyker562 responds:

Glad to hear! Thank you!

This game is genius. I really enjoy it.

I beat them all.
Games are usually beat out of enjoyment but this was purely driven by indignation.

Wow! What an experience! I could not stop playing this game but I'm not entirely sure if I enjoyed myself:) Great idea and the philosophy was fun

I like this game, the words at the end of the level are true, you must be smart and have a good patience to think. Good game.