Reviews for "Swap It Et 3"

I dig the music. I also really like the gameplay. I do wish there was a partial walkthrough, for the first 15, 20 levels or so, where it really starts to rely on some trickiness. Mostly I'm just upset that I couldn't figure out how to three-star level 13.

awesome game! i really like it.

Nice game. Finally something new for puzzles! I like it a lot.

Good concept, it's pretty entertaining; however after a while it can get kind of tedious. I wish it was a little bit more challenging. But all that aside good game!

First of all - I like it a lot. Would love to play a sequel.

Now to the problems.

1) As mentioned before me I could not see what score I had on which level when I finished them all. It should list the number of stars you got on each level and frankly I'd like to see how many swaps it took as well to try and beat it.

2) I know a way to systematically cheat through the game completing all the levels with 0 swaps. It happens if you press retry directly after you finish a level. The score thing swoops in and gives you three stars and adds 0 swaps or moves to your total. I thought it was a fluke, but it happened so many times when I was just trying toretry a level to finish it in fewer swaps... I'd say this breaks the game from a score point of view.

Fix those problems and you got a pretty nice thing going.