Reviews for "Oozy"

Prety great, I give your game five star because it acomplished it´s goal, keeping me entretained for quite some time, and giving me a good challenge to my reflexes. Loved the art style and music, and it was technically very well done. The only advice I could give you is that you give the movement a little delay, just a tiny bit, I say this because I found my self running into enemies that I was close to before I could shot them, the delay would let you change direction before you start running. The ad between every level felt bad, but I am playing this game for free, so I really dont mind. Awesome game.

Looks like spore

Awww... Oozy is cute... for a worm.

Visually appealing, interesting mechanics, a lot of fun, hard but not frustrating, awesome overall, congratulations!!

Fun and addicting to play, interesting story and great musics. Cute and colorful arts. Creative and have variety of enemies and levels make this game very fun to play. Made my day! :D