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Reviews for "Joy 1: Misjudgment"

Im black and i feel sorry for the white guy but there are some real white assholes out there talking shit behind black people but black people do vice-versa. Don't you get it....were all a bunch of assholes. By the way that random women just walked in to that one at the end...lmao that's her own fault

Finally an animation from an educated animator! Loved this, looking forward to this whole series.

Forget corprate America they start doing things like that to people in high school.

I don't know why, but I mistook you for HotDiggedyDemon at first. I remember looking at the massive number of comics you had with these characters. I'll be sure to review them someday. I loved this, because it's great to see it on paper. I was amazed at how you were able to keep the jokes up. It seemed like you would just end with the first one.

It makes you eager to understand what's going to happen next. The final line about the bitch was a pure classic. Don't tell me next time he calls someone a fag. I was amazed at how good the animation was. The characters look like fish. It's something with how their lips move.

That was really funny i love it!!!