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Reviews for "Joy 1: Misjudgment"

I found it to be quite funny but sadly at times it seemed that the audio was out of sync. You might want to work on that should you continue. I really would be interested to see how you continue this. 8/10

XD i got some good lols out of this good animation,good voices,good characters although this guy has the worst luck :/ first he is called a racist by mistake and then accidentaly makes it seem like hes an anti feminist can this get any worse for him?

This had some fantastic quality for such a simple style. I really enjoyed this. Do consider making more :]

Hoooo bro! very good, so the comic via them, it was great, I was amused shadow silhouette in the window seemed to wreck the muppet show, super beautiful cool wonderful ...

And I am not too fond of white people either!