Reviews for "Bossfight - Jet Stream Beam"

Nothing could be better about this track, except the ending was very strange. Not enough, however, to make me not loop this for an hour straight while doing my homework!

Luv it

Riktigt bra! Lite enformig dock, skulle kunna behöva lite variation. Slutet skulle också kunna vara bättre men förutom det så är det en klar fyra från mig. Nästa gång hoppas jag verkligen att det blir en femma :)

En fråga också, hur funkar det om man har den här låten på YouTube i nån video, blir den nertagen eller tillåter ni sånt?

bossfightofficial responds:

Tusen tack för feedback! :D Kommer lätt att ha din kommentar i åtanke!

Kör på med YouTube. Vi har ingen track-id, så musiken kommer inte plockas ner :)

This is an amazing track, just like all the others! Keep up the good work!

Dirty track. I think one of the more unique pieces I've come across on NG:AP in a while that stirred my grey matter and fucked my eardrums a little. Pro and con time then...

- From the standpoint of this track's architecture, you've definitely established a fantastic theme and over-arching identity without falling short of the mark or simply creating a repetitive and "soulless" piece. For something that is four and a half minutes long, this is rather impressive. Bravo
- Smooth transition, doubly so from the intro onwards
- The intro itself is interesting. Love the coughing and other little tidbits that were tossed at this
- Seems like you've invested a considerate amount of time into the sort of 'sound' that you wanted your production to smack of. The set of synths/samples that you have in this song are tuned in a peculiar manner (not sure if simply by choice, or eq/mastering- I have a sub-par pair of Corsairs for headphones right now and my amp is dead so I can't hear this on proper gear). I can't sense any frequency bleeding/crossover or count-harmonics issues and the final result is neatly wrapped-up in a cacophony of varied schools of 'chippy-esque' vibrations. Really tasty stuff.

- The only thing I can think of is that the track's ending is somewhat anti-climactic. It feels as if there's a bit of a build-up to a tale that you're stringing the listener along on- and then there's just a gradual fade-out to an abrupt stop. In terms of melodic evolution, I feel that you had such tremendous potential for more (a la Girl in the Fire from Pendulum, or mayhaps that one Camo and Krooked track that I can't bloody well recall by name currently). This is not anything serious and more of a personal quib that most people wouldn't agree with in the first place. Just feel slightly blue-balled, dig?

Keep at it. You seem to be cranking out some serious shit.

bossfightofficial responds:

Wow dude!
Thank you for taking your time. This review was a blast to read! I'll definitely have both your pros and cons in mind in the future.