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Reviews for "Nitrome Must Die"

Got as far as level 48 and then I got stuck in an endless elevator loop...

Besides that issue, I really enjoy this game. It does start of kind of easy though ( which is to be expected) , but does get harder and harder as players get farther up the tower. The bosses I have fought so far are not to hard as long as a player can figure out their patterns.

Before I forget to mention, there are a ton of weapons in this game. Most of them are fun to use while others can make a level that should not be hard more difficult.. There are some interesting weapon types in this game , which is a good thing.
Some of the weapons are weak though, but they do have their uses and they can even outshine the stronger weapons in certain levels if used correctly.

*Weapon spoiler *
There is one weapon that I am afraid to carry around with me though. That weapon is the molotov. The molotov is so dangerous to carry around that I killed my self with it at least 3 times. It is powerful though, but I think ill stay away from that weapon unless I really have to use it.

Over all this is a very fun game, so I will give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Holy hell level 31 is annoying.

The level with the nose is made for 2 players, not for 1 player.

Good but a lot of little bad things as coins...

Game's not loading. Stuck on "NITROME MUST DIE IS LOADING 0%" [2]

Great game, and if you're angry about the controls, JUST CHANGE THEM! I did it, and now its fine. Very fun with 2 people too.