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Reviews for "Nitrome Must Die"

While this game could be really fun and enjoyable, it's controls ruin it. The single player controls are very frustrating, with the fire button being right next to all the movement keys. Just simply making the fire button the spacebar or something would make this game a whole lot better in my opinion.

Fun game, but half of the weapons seem utterly useless. when playing solo, the later levels get difficult if you get bad weapon after bad weapon.

Am I the only one who thinks that the 2 main characters look like Scott Lewis of Carnifex and Frankie Palmeri of Emmure?

It got stuck on a level in the 90-100 range for me. At a certain point the guy just stays in the elevator, with the elevator music playing, and the sound of lasers shooting (the continuous ones). I tried it three times I think, and the game always just stops at that point.

Nitrome hasn't failed on this not entirely unconventional yet still welcome addition into their impressive roster of games. Nothing flashy or new, but a solid experience that is fun alone or with a fellow.
The bosses are entertaining references and the levels, albeit somewhat stale at times, make the time spent with this game well-spent and well-done. An overall worthy play.