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Reviews for "Nitrome Must Die"

Really repetetive and boring, and im only on the 5th lvl, the eneemies take to long to spawn, and it seems like you never die

Epicboi, they made it, that's the point, it's a joke

not very fun...boring by level 4 or 5 also do you guys find it ironic that this was posted by nitrome?

great game

decent. Clearly has many different upgrades and enemies, but i found that the platforming didnt really give enough flat space to make this a viable shooter. if there were melee attacks, it would compensate for the fact that you have to just jump up and down and shoot at wherever the enemies are standing, but as it is the combat is just awful... at least allow the player to aim with the mouse so im not just sitting here jumping up and down so i can shoot enemies without standing on the same platform as them