Reviews for "BLISS"

preteeeh good.

Damn you made that using 3DS MAX???? You got skills man! That i one tough program. Haha admire the skill and story itself :P keep up the good work!

So sad but true. Unfortunately that happens a lot in this world. What were those energy-suckers? or what do they symbolize?

I must say, had you not put your own description, I would have said this was a reflection of the way the Illuminati uses music and media to control us, literally "throwing it in our faces" and telling us what we should say, do and feel. Should anyone begin to look deeper into the meaning of symbols and messages or defy them, they are made to "disappear". I could probably go deeper than that, but even I don't really believe in it all 100% and it would just be useless banter taking up space :P

But nice work otherwise :D

Allest mein feifven aer belongkingkst to this.