Reviews for "BLISS"

This could easily be the pilot episode to an entire series.

It could even get sydication... Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network might just eat this up with a spoon.

This video deep is bro, I had to rethink my life a bit after watching...

At first I thought the movie would just be another one of those cutesy fluff-fests, but after the first creature's awakening, everything darkened. The adorable world of deceit crumbled into something undeniably cruel. Perhaps your flash is about the control factor of government. Maybe it's simply there to remind us to question authority and think for ourselves. Either way, it was absolutely brilliant!

Extremely well done animations and mildly good music and soundtrack. The thematic is basicly meaningful, but his realization is too much simplistic for such a wide theme like this.
Overall Good job.

Amazing video. Anyone know what the song is? I mean the dubstep song.