Reviews for "BLISS"

Better than the Matrix: Reloaded

Vraiment génial, surtout que c'est une production française, j'adore totalement ;) !

Someone once told me that every moment of our life, we're either awake, or we're asleep. We're either hypnotised and in a trance, or we're aware of the programming controlling us.
Whatever we do is a programming, we just need to be aware of what is programming us to behave and how to influence that to serve us most effectively.

The video was great. I don't have the vocabulary necessary to tell you how great it turned out. I've never seen that 3d animation before.
It was scary though. Imagine just ... waking up totally and everything you thought you knew was not at all what you believed it to be. All at once, instantly.

that was not what i thought it be. 5 out of 5!

Sometimes your leader might not be who we thought,so never let your guard down or brain wash .