Reviews for "BLISS"

Nice experiment! It felt a bit slow when the world was shifting from cheery and bright to darkness. also felt a bit shallow. at least it was an experiment, and I enjoyed it for the most part. when it comes to using 3ds max, how easy would it be to get used to it's interface? I'm just curious since I've only animated In 2d and might want to try out some 3d animation. Once again, Great experement!

Phenomenal quality, honestly a lot better than I thought it would've been, completely surprised me and then surprised me again with the twist. Main character was cute, very vibrant colours and tones (for both sides) and well picked music. Gave the sense that something isn't quite right. Awesome work. :)

awesome! love the concept of this! good job

Beautifully done must have taken forever ...... you should be very proud of yourself, great animation, good color combos, everything move smoothly except when its supposed to lagg so your timing is very accurate... audio is also a very good combo with it ..... again this is very well done... looking forward to seeing more of your stuff :)