Reviews for "BLISS"

Chinese folk-lore material. 5/5 & favorited, loved every bit of this.

The visuals matches what I think you were going for. I do think in a story like this the 3d look was the best way to go. The little ball of light was a bit too simple but work overall for what their need to be and do. the visuals on the eye was good. The music was simple but was blissful and chaos that matches the story well and the twist at the middle was a little easy to see but i do not think it was made for that point overall I like this short

Good Work

The visuals weren't good and music was so awful that I didn't even finish it...

That was sweet!
The idea of two different dimensions in one setting or place was absolutely marvelous.
Keep up the good work.

Well done. What sold this for us was the fazing between the "blissful world" and the "dark reality" when the main character's screen was broken.