Reviews for "BLISS"

Thats depressing smh

Wonderful and trippy. A real ride. I thought the animation was superb.

That's a very complex message you want to transmit... however that's a nice work, rather simple in graphic but nice.

I have no complaints about the animation -- in fact I was one of the first viewers, and one of those who saw your animation to saving stage -- but I decided to give it a revisit and put in my honest two pence.

Fluid and beautiful. You have a juxtaposition between the colourful and curved elements, and the angular and monochrome ones. There's a beautiful aesthetic all about. No objections here.

Simple, I suppose, but effective. I'm a fan of neither style, but it serves the contrasting stories in the film quite well.

The message about people either 1) knowing the truth and living in fear, or 2) being drugged by whatever it is drives them -- society, education, and in your parlance, religion.

If you ask me, too many people get this message out. It's tried, over and over again, by various people in various media, that the whole message is old and tired.

What about people who live in the gloomiest darkness, everything's out to get them, yet they *conscientiously* see hope and faith because they do not want to sink into the waves of fear?

What about people who decide for themselves how they perceive the world, even if others think these few people are drugged?

Pull me a Tolkien, where people who conscientiously stand for good are in their hour of desperation and nothing seems to work by scientific probability, but with the sheer strength of will, the great good happens and the Free Peoples are saved from harm. You know. Pull me that. Because too few people even try to explore such a theme.

Points for the animation and music -- beautiful animation by the way! -- but I fail to see how the message in this film warrants any extra stars, because it's just plain old and tired.


WHOA... @__@
Best video I've seen on Newgrounds in years!