Reviews for "A Second Chance"

I loved it. quick fun and easy game. there is no need for instructions and even after beating the game you can mess around with buttons and kill everyone. the side notes are fun to click to. loved it

i love it!

Great game! But it is a bit two short.

A EPIC game very fun and i listened to space oddity (which is a song) while playing and also if you click on the picture he says something that was in the song and also i went to launch the shuttle and forgot to close the door the 1st time then the 2nd attempt i forgot to load the astronaughts but i still countinued as planed and the astroid blew up kinda and also if you listen closly when you click on certian things the guy will say thing you here in space oddity.

This is a perfect game. I love how you choose what you can make the astronauts do.