Reviews for "A Second Chance"

the game is good.

this game has a bug, left the crew on earth and the made the right orders on the astroid and suceed without using my crew

My first game: Close shuttle doors. Enter ship command. Open shuttle doors. *rocket explodes*

...Thank you for making my day. xDD I think i spent about ten minutes just seeing how many ways there were to kill them. xD

Great Game. Oh Here Some Ending I Got:
Bad Ending, Fail To Save The World.
Good Ending, Succes To Save The World Without All Astronauts Is Still Alive.
Grat Ending, Succes To Save The World With All Astronauts Is Still Alive.
Sorry For My Bad English.
Hope This Helpfull.

Was fun to mess around with.

*spoiler* If you launch the rocket without the astronauts and do all the normal steps you will succeed in saving the world...

When i first started this game i was really hoping there would be a reference to David Bowie's Space Oddity.... Needless to say i was very pleased Excellent!

molkman responds:

Glad you got what you seeked- :>