Reviews for "A Second Chance"

lol so funny when you fail.i made the astronauts detonate the bomb on the shuttle.5 stars

If you need a walkthrough read this but first Thanks for the awesome game! i always wounder wat Ground control at nasa was like---------------------------------
------------------------------1.make the crew of spaceman to go in the ship (Espically the guy with the bomb) close the shutter door 2. turn on engines ingite 3.wait for them to land on the asteriod 4.get all of ze spacemen out 5.make them drill the hole and then drop the bomb 6. make these guys go bacck in the shutter close the door 7.Turn on engines and ingite 8.(optinal) Cheer out The names you gave the spacemen

Wonderful, simply wonderful!

Had a few giggles :D.
Made them drop at mid flight in space. And it was a success, everyone lived.

I somehow got the guys to enter the ship without the guy who was holding the bomb. I pressed the dug the hole pressed the detonate button and half of the asteroid came off.

molkman responds:

Someone must have sneaked another bomb in there.