Reviews for "A Second Chance"

Short and sweet, I crave, nay, I NEED a sequel to this!

Absolutely hilarious, I love the Major Tom references.

This was hilarious! Had a good time trolling those poor astronauts and the Earth. There is however a bug: The shuttle can carry out its mission without anyone boarding it and being there. One thing that made me laugh is that, if the shuttle takes off by itself and leaves the astronauts behind, then the meteor blows up with them on it, you get the happy ending and the guy says success... LOL!

o jogo é curto mas é bom!

Some eastereggs: If you click the photo of the guy on the left, the guy will say something. Click the buttons on the bottom right and the guy will say stuff like "I don't know what these do". These are all the easter eggs I know for now. Peace out :3