grrrr i had to retry first level like 8 times finally got it and with homer i fell saying "dohh" then i realize no check point!!! omg your crazy the bad controls are not enough the laggy jump is not enough but no check points dude lay off the drugs you have great ideas yet they come out worst than crap

+ It has music this time
- Horrible level design
- Bad controls (something that I forgot to mention in your last game)
- The character is fucking floating (I forgot to mention that too)
- Goku... 'nough said
- 2013
- The title screen looks like garbage
- The game over screen still looks like garbage

Why do I have a feeling that these are based on a Youtube actionscript 2 tutorial. Change up your flow dude.

controls are slippery as fuck and it's hard to make them jump

I didn't really like it when i first tried it, but i beat the game though:I