Please next game put some checkpoints because is very annoying without checkpoint but this game is not BAD create a 2 please ;)

Raikhen responds:

mmm...a part 2 is very posible but about checkpoints... with checkpoint is too easy.

DONT LISTEN TO THEM THIS IS A GOOD GAME Buy the frist WALA WALA was not good but now its great!!!!!!!!!!!! Great sprits awesome song WOW! Just great!

Raikhen responds:


okay unlike everyone else here I will give reasons and help you improve :) for one try using a different program, jumping is awkward in this game, and don't take most of these guys to heart, they probably can't do too much better

ok 0 stars for following 3 reasons.
1. You have restart whole game ever time you die.
2. same music loop for each level and same background and play surface.
3. it need a lot of graphic work and character movement work.

Sorry Bractes i cant say "its good".

Raikhen responds:

How i am supposed to improve with reviews like this? Explain why