Worse than the demo

It's not a bad game, music is a bit repetitive and I can't seem to find a mute button, but it's fairly challenging. Also, if you hold "O" while falling, you fall through the game and with no restart key, I need to refresh :(.

It was an alright plat-former. The controls didn't seem to work at me all times when I tried doing a close edge jump, but I learned to adapt from that. The amount of levels was alright and I also enjoyed the sprites used as characters, especially homer simpson. The back ground and level designs were alright as well. It was a pretty tough game, mainly that you had to start from beginning after every death you had. I guess it made the feel all that much better once it got unlocked. Overall it was an alright game, I enjoyed it.

When I jump on the edge of a platform, it pushes me to the side and I die.

Other that that very nice game, I really like that you chose the popular cartoon/game characters that where made somewhere between "Ping" and "Mario" or "Sonic".

Keep it up! :)

The only reason anyone should play this game is if they want a medal, but besides that there is no reason to play.