Reviews for "Just Rotate"

Look easy but not it's easy.

This is a very fun game, I really like the addition of medals, the gameplay is addictive, the addition of a leaderboard was cool, the music is good, and the graphics are simple but good. Very, very fun game you have here, and I hope you make more sometime in the future! P.S My score was 2,967.

good game, challenging, and very addicting...
despite the simple design, it;s mechanics,a nd physics are well-done, and a fun game overall.
i scored a 2075, and got the best 2nd score of the day.
not bad.

also the medals idea was good.

cool game. I am 16th in the high scores... for now. I'll probably try for the number one spot latter.

The controls are a bit touchy. The graphics are simple, but it supper addictive. I'm a big banjo kazooie fan, so the music was very nostalgic.

It''s addictive and fun, but the beginning is a bit too slow. But apart from that lovin' the banjo kazooie music and think it's really fun once you get going!! :)