Reviews for "Just Rotate"

'Don't hate'? Too late


That music, is amazing.
Probably my favorite thing about this game.
With a little development and more complexity, this could definitely become a MASTERPIECE!

After reading through some of the reviews I wonder how good graphics could make a great game. Neverthless, it was fun to play this game. Maybe the addition of various speed levels could make the game more challenging, since some of the obstacles are very easy to dodge due to the speed, but sometimes it can be tricky, too! The music might be too repetitive after playing a while, which can be a huge annoyance to some players. However, the idea of this game is great, it just needs some more development to match other people's tastes. Great job!

~Silent C.L.D. Claw

Awesome! Music from Banjo-Kazooie!