Reviews for "Nice Places Hidden Object"

Beautiful game, hard but not impossible

This game is very well made.
Had me stuck to it for ages!
I enjoy all the bonuses it gives you a lot more things to do in each level.
I think the objects could be a little less obvious.
For instance, I was done with the first level in two minutes,
Including finding all the bonuses.
But i am very very good at finding things.
So I'm speaking for just ME here.
But overall a good game.

Love these games, keep on making them. 3.5 Because needs moar levels!

If you looking for Action & a fast paced game, this certainly isn't the right thing for you, no doubt.

But if you look for something relaxing and want to get rid of your everyday-stress, go ahead and play. Like other Hidden Object games, I like this one, the music fits well to the theme.
I just wish it had some more levels or at least a little higher difficulty. Still enjoyable for a short while!

too short

too easy

lame that it auto ends level when you find the main objects and doesn't let you finish finding the optionals.