Reviews for "Night Lights"

owwwwwwwwwww, its already over? That was pretty much my first reaction. This game is fun, but it is way to short. You need to add a lot more levels. Also add difficulty, because only some of these levels really make you think for a minute. There is a lot of potential here. The idea is nice: putting light at places to remove the shadows and go on, my only problem with this is, that the is 2 types of shadows. Ones that are simply shadows going away with light and then there is the ones that go on in existence even in light. My problem with this is, that the moment that you can tell them apart is when light falls on them, considering spikes it means when you fall on them. Of course these 2 dimensions of existence are what makes this a puzzly puzzle, but I would recommend putting non-existent shadows in something like a light grey or maybe you figure out something better. Now to the rest: soundtrack is very nice, story is non-existent but not necessary controls are easy. All in all a very nice game with a lot of potential, just to short and to easy.

Initial thoughts after a few levels of gameplay:

A solid puzzle platformer with interesting mechanics. Use a lantern to reveal the mysteries of level around you as you avoid spikes and solve switch puzzles. It has a distinct "Gunpoint"-esque feel to the art and ambiance.

The first levels teach the mechanics of the game without being obvious tutorials. A fun diversion and a great demonstration of what can be accomplished in terms of level design when you have a fun central mechanic.

Final missing start is mostly just an indication of my preference for action version puzzling.

I will be coming back to play more of this game.

interesting game