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Reviews for "Night Lights"

Come on, such a good game and literally no ending? Waste of good potential. - 1/2 star
And for being an awesome game it needs more levels. It felt like there should be another two stages with 15 levels each. In my opinion you didn't use the full potential of your puzzle system. - 1 star
Specifically lvl 12 was a bit lazy in terms of level design. Basically just try and error.
But the style is nice and I like that lamp a LOT!

Great game! The puzzles were hard for me. Even though didn't finish yet, I'll definitely play in the future. This is an interesting concept and the game was clear and the music was fitting but not annoying. Great job!

the so good into kindof scared me "just for you" slowly pops up. i swear the joker could say that. but the game is good.

I wish every level was as hard as 15th.

Good, but too short - some of the earlier levels were a bit harder than the last. Interesting concept though!