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Reviews for "Night Lights"


Really enjoying the techno biz

No enough words for this game

Brilliant concept! I loved it when I was starting out. However, the last couple of levels were the only ones with any real puzzle element, the rest felt more trial and errory than anything else, didn't feel like they had a genuine puzzle element to them. So... yes... that's my only complaint. Not hard enough puzzles.

Pretty good game. I feel like it never got to where it was going, though. Like this was the first world and a half of levels maybe. I was expecting there to be more layers of complication as it went on, but it just stopped, in more ways than one. I feel the lack of any kind of ending was a poor choice, or maybe just lazy? Could've used a bit more in the sound effects department as well. Finally, that one level where you drop down just seemed kind of unfair and out of place. Aside from those issues, though, I think all the other design issues were handled well. Good controls, decent music, good graphics. Thanks for making it.