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Reviews for "LunyAlex - Hidden Daggers (Xtrullor Remix)"

I usually like a song out of bandwagon of GD players but I can sometimes like songs that the community hasn't gotten all up in. This is one of those songs. I have others too. That says I'm not generic and does what everyone else does. Sorry, got in to much about it. Great remix for 2 years ago(not saying its bad).


4 drops in a 3 minute song? that spells awesome in 90 different languages :)
yet i could only make double-droped songs lasting for 5 minutes XD

Dude this song is PERFECT!!! One of my favorite songs of all time definitely. You're up there with Excision man, you're an amazing artist. Last drop is one of my favorite drops in any song ever btw lol

That 4th drop blew me away. Like I seriously almost fell back in my chair lol. It's so powerful :O

Very epic, X. Love the growls and the instruments.