Reviews for "Vex 2"

Good game. Pretty standard platformer. Thanks.

Not bad, but I ran into a bug on act 5, the teleporters sent me to the wrong exits, making that level unplayable. Only happened once, though.

Also sometimes the character won't go back into a run from a slide, and instead only ducks. Wouldn't mind but the duck animation is a little slow, and it doesn't transition well from the slide.

Still a fun, if sometimes vexing game.

its better if u listen to music.

this game is cool, but when it comes down to it all you've made is a slower moving version of N with worse physics/ too much friction. I like it and played through because i have pretty much beaten N and wanted more, but i was disappointed that you so clearly took the game mechanics and pretty much just added larger stages beyond the size of the screen, otherwise just making it a little worse... idk man. I had a good time, but when you are tinkering with a classic like that, it's best not to change so much....

AmazingAdam4 responds:

Well what you're saying isn't true because I've never played N. Nothing was stolen gameplay wise, me and the N devs must just have similar brains.

I like this game but this game have some glitchs...