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Reviews for "Bear Killer"

not a fan

cool game

I see this game a lot of bad reviews. I'm going to jump out on to a limb and say they gave bad reviews because this game kicked their ass. I'll admit this game kicked my ass from time to time as well but I'm mature enough to tell you my honest opinion and not let my emotions cloud my judgement.

No. 1
It's definitely not like your average physics puzzle game. The ammunition conservation was a good touch to difficult physics puzzle shooter. The music was a little annoying but at least you made the loop a unnoticable untrained ears.
No. 2
I'm happy to see that you've added a medal system to this game. It will improve the overall of this games ratings when players get those medals. They have to have something to work for you know?
No. 3
One problem I DO see with this game is that you did not add a walkthrough for players that aren't as... puzzle smart. (NO OFFENSE INTENDED) That is probably one reason people game bad reviews.
No. 4
I like that you actually added a detailed background to your game instead of a boring blue screen that quickly bores players more than most think. The bears as well as the hunter were pretty well drawn along with background.
No. 5 All in all this game gets a 4 star rating for great design and unique gameplay. Your game lacked a walkthrough but that can easily be fixed and before I forget you also did not ad a quality button, hotkeys, or a pause menu. but these are also things which can easily be fixed. Besides that this game has my approval as a great physics puzzle game..

This game is really entertaining and makes you have to conserve your ammo and think i think it could be better but overall this was a cool game
People should make more games like these

hunting games suck