Reviews for "Journey!"

The funniest part was the beginning with the grandmother. As soon as the main Tron gag starts, it gets boring. Well, maybe not boring since there is a lot of content crammed into a small space, so it's not like it wastes your time or anything. But the writing seems amateurish and uninspired. It seems like you just started animating without any real solid ideas to base an animation around. I'm not sure what the point of any of this was.

It was ok.
Lackluster humor (though "He has privacy issues" made me chuckle) and awkwardly fast pacing undermine the quality of the voice work.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Yeah I'm terrible at pacing, i just wanted to squeeze in as much as i could while still being able to deliver it for college grading!

Mark Zuckerberg nude ?! Eww....aside of that, great job ! :D

ZenithQuinn responds:

i know check out that jew fro! Gross!


ZenithQuinn responds:


i absolutely love the idea of it and the creativeness
its really good and accurate with the internet guys
chrome being a dick, explorer being f***ed up, and firefox is helpfull
good job

ZenithQuinn responds:

glad you enjoyed eet :D Thanks.