Reviews for "Journey!"

a little weird (with an evil grandma) and random people . - . the guyfor myspace was so lonly

ZenithQuinn responds:

poor myspace tom

Why'd he wana go home again ?

ZenithQuinn responds:

Kids aren't allowed on the internet! haha, i dunno really to be honest. :)

That was incredibly generic and contrived. The jokes were executed very poorly, even the ones that had potential, for instance, the 'be a pussy' joke could've been done so much much better but he just turns into a cat for no apparent reason and then the reddit guy says 'I love cats', we don't need that explaining to us, we're all aware that there are a lot of cats on reddit, those who aren't aware can't join in on the joke.
It was just reference after reference but not really a parody, like when Steve Jobs talks about wanting to be popular or Google Chrome being some sort of drug dealer, what? That doesn't even make sense, it's just a poorly thought out joke with a reference wedged into it for no reason.
I'm not a big fan of the animation, the 'boiling' technique was random and inconsistent and the art was very poor. You were, however, onto something interesting by combining realistic effects with animation but you seemed to stop doing that quite quickly.
Sorry for the negative review but I hope it's helpful.

ZenithQuinn responds:

It's not exactly helpful when it's already done and dusted. Chrome is usually affilated with gangsters, chrome teeth chrome wheels etc. Sorry you didn't enjoy the art, I'm no Da Vinci by any means, nor do I claim to be.

Really great stuff.
I have to echo what the others have said about good references.
The use of characters and general storyline could have made more sense. Wasnt really sure of anything but it was entertaining. I think the ending could have been explained better i.e what were the implications on the real world and what was the subtle foreboding you were trying to imply with the power symbol...

ZenithQuinn responds:

originally i had planned a scene where it showed the internet being shut down around the world and people's screens turning off. And then the people would come outside for the first time, amazed by real life, like in the film Surrogates, if you ever seen that. However I didn't have time to do as much as I'd like to with it and I had to cut that out and go with this ending.

I saw Steve the Tankmen.

ZenithQuinn responds:

well spotted!