Reviews for "Darktopia"

Game is nicely polished, but has issues with laptops, combinations of 2 or more buttons on some laptops cause the keyboard to spazz out. Not an issue that can be addressed by the gamemaker obviously, but there should be an available work-around as i was not able to map anything but my keyboard and kept falling into spike pits.

Seems like it took a lot of work to put together. The music loop was detailed but not very good. The graphics were pleasant but not extremely unique nor fluid when it came to in game motion. Gameplay was slightly stiff but managed to pull through. Less effort should have been put into storyline and more into actual gameplay experience. The few challenges that the game presents to the player aren't unusual for midrange platformers.

The game was fun but the last level was super frustrating; not fun and challenging but just right out vexing. I wish there was an upgrade for the Blaster gun too, would have been nice to take out at least two enemies with out having to wait for your clip to recharge.,

Good game, but there's a problem: When I unlock the first gate, it gets stuck trying to "open", and I can't move the player at all nor do anything.

I'll be honest, I did not have fun playing this game.

Here's the deal: When making a metroidvania, especially one that deals with guns and platforming (all of them) here are a few basic guidelines:

1. Always assume people want to sprint. Turn it on, always.
2. Nobody likes a slow gun.
3. All enemies must be animated (this is a general thing for all games, actually.)

For you, it was:

1. The sprint button was annoying, and it made platforming a chore. Especially because the jump and sprint buttons were next to each other. At least make holding down the shoot button make you run faster.

2. Your gun was painfully slow. Even from the get-go your first gun needs to at least have some speed to it. Feel free to increase enemy health as long as it just feels like my gun is more responsive.

3. Your bats looked like what I used to put in my crappy GameMaker games.

Otherwise, this game has potential.

If you ever decide to make another game of this genre, keep those ideas in mind. I think CaveStory is required playing if you're gonna make a Metroidvania, so go play that, it's free and will teach you a lot about how to make things feel "right."