Reviews for "Darktopia"

I have just found out in order to beat the ghost enemies, you can use an explosive demon enemy's death explosion to kill them. Also, great game.

Good game aside from the immortal ghost things. They caused some issues with difficulty and game balance

Exactly what MitchellProductions said. Once you get a key and open a door, the screen shakes as the door lifts and then, ... the screen just never stops shaking and you can never move or anything. Hugely game-breaking bug! Does this only work on Chrome or something? (I'm using Firefox)

Good game, but there's a problem: When I unlock the first gate, it gets stuck trying to "open", and I can't move the player at all nor do anything.

This game is difficult but for a lot of iffy reasons. The biggest is that everything takes way too many hits to kill or destroy. There is seriously no reason a common enemy should take six hits to kill. Both crates and the weakest enemies take three. What this means is that stopping to fight enemies is pointless as its almost always quicker and easier to avoid them (or just take a hit). This is reinforced by the above hit point/scarce ammo issue as this also means its tedious to grind crates for ammo.

The level design is passable. It has solid flow at the start but degenerates later on as items are easy to pass over. I found myself in areas I was ill equipped to handle far too many times than I'd like with no real clear clue where to try next. The end result is a lot of trial and error and no real sense of accomplishment. The non-sequitur ending also makes the entire affair seem like a total waste of time.

Nitpicky bits:

-crates should show some indication they can be busted as you're shooting them. I hit a wall early on because I didn't realize my blaster could destroy crates and assumed I needed a new weapon for that.

-none of the items are fun to use and none of them feel unique to this game.

-mobbing the player with hard to kill enemies makes the game more tedious than difficult. And it makes the fact that the bosses are laughably easy even less forgivable. I defeated the final boss in two shots without even realizing what was going on.