Reviews for "Darktopia"

I actually think this is a very interesting game. I wonder what will be on the disc that I find when I find one. I also anticipate each new item. I find it pretty cool that you can explore the area, and that the default character is a female. I wonder where she's come from, or what will happen to her. However, I'm not sure if it's just me, but the boxes in room B5 will not let me continue, and the blaster gun that I found did not come with any ammo. I cannot find ammo, either. Am I supposed to? Wonderful game so far, and if it's just not finished yet, I understand.

Quite intriguing. The simplistic graphics/playstyle makes this an almost instinctive play (PROTIP: Hold "Jump" to swim) and the story is fairly decent (from what I've played so far). Jumping feels hit-and-miss, as I've come up at least a pixel short on a jump that I've made previously. The longer-than-I'd-prefer hunt for the 1st weapon proved a decent way to test the controls and see what works. The game is also quite forgiving, with semi-frequent checkpoints, no Life Counter, and a welcome lack of Instant Death Spikes. Jury's still out on the music, but I give Darktopia a 4.5/5~

i only have one problem with the game and that problem is the controls. when you start the game you can only move left and right and you cant jump so when you get the ability to jump you have to press z
and what made it harder was that when you get the ability to run/sprint you hold shift.
but the game all in all was really good I give this game 4 stars good job.

Not bad, it was fun. I do think you should make it clearer that a handy map was available in the pause menu, but otherwise the 'world' is quite large and nice to explore.

Difficulty in this game needs work though. It's too easy! Sure there are rather many spikes and stuff, but the generous (and upgradable) health bar, invincibility time and the full heal at any of the many checkpoints means that I can pretty much sprint-jump through spikes and enemies for most of the game, rendering them quite useless. (Although sprinting through the map is fun in its own way)

Given that there are so many checkpoints, perhaps it might be better to reduce health bar (1 to start with, maybe 2), but upgrade it just before the two 'boss' characters.

It was a good platformer.