Reviews for "Darktopia"

i went to the final area without the ghost shield and the mask making me feel that this game was incredibly hard ! i was so frustrated but after an hour i finaly ended facing the boss and defeated it, i realised then i was missing some artifacts and went back to take them it became much more easy .
i loved this game for the story (short but good enought) and the music , graphics are good and also you can remap the keys (as a french player using a azerty i really apreciate that )

I'll be honest, I did not have fun playing this game.

Here's the deal: When making a metroidvania, especially one that deals with guns and platforming (all of them) here are a few basic guidelines:

1. Always assume people want to sprint. Turn it on, always.
2. Nobody likes a slow gun.
3. All enemies must be animated (this is a general thing for all games, actually.)

For you, it was:

1. The sprint button was annoying, and it made platforming a chore. Especially because the jump and sprint buttons were next to each other. At least make holding down the shoot button make you run faster.

2. Your gun was painfully slow. Even from the get-go your first gun needs to at least have some speed to it. Feel free to increase enemy health as long as it just feels like my gun is more responsive.

3. Your bats looked like what I used to put in my crappy GameMaker games.

Otherwise, this game has potential.

If you ever decide to make another game of this genre, keep those ideas in mind. I think CaveStory is required playing if you're gonna make a Metroidvania, so go play that, it's free and will teach you a lot about how to make things feel "right."

-Female protagonist (all too rare)
-Smooth gameplay
-Good music, but a mute option
-Good graphics
-Rebindable keys!

-Becomes unplayable for photosensitive people shortly upon gaining the keycard. I just can't deal with the flashiness of the - energy beams? Whatever they are. I'd love to play it if you changed the animation to be less migraine/seizure-inducing, but as is... well, thank you for making the first part enjoyable, I guess.

A fun game, but how the heck do you beat the final boss? It appears to be impervious to my weapons. I can kill the critters it spawns, but they just keep spawning endlessly.

This game has a really neat, retro-y feel to it. While it's not perfect, it's still really enjoyable to play. Great job!