Reviews for "Darktopia"

Its a good idea with cool music,but you should add more depth to it, like include level ups, abilities, and more of a storyline; its a little too old school arcade style for my taste.

I'm super pissed off. If you come back later and hit continue, you have to start all over!!! REALLY!?!?

Not sure if its a control mapping issue but ran into a problem with not having the ability to sprint left and jump at the same time... i can do it to the right with no issue (just in case you assumed i was mentally unable to grasp the 3 button combo required) wish this would work because I'm impressed with the small amount of the game I've seen so far

Difficult but fun

Pretty good game. I would have like it if it was a bit longer and had more story, maybe in part 2 it could be picked up.
I managed to complete the game without picking up the ghost shield, I feel like there was a bit of plot there that I skipped over the first time around. Might have been good to make it impossible to get to the boss without it.
The English was pretty accurate but a couple of things here and there could have been fixed with a quick proof read.
4/5. Great game, love to see what your next project is.