Reviews for "Darktopia"

Seems like it took a lot of work to put together. The music loop was detailed but not very good. The graphics were pleasant but not extremely unique nor fluid when it came to in game motion. Gameplay was slightly stiff but managed to pull through. Less effort should have been put into storyline and more into actual gameplay experience. The few challenges that the game presents to the player aren't unusual for midrange platformers.

Wow, this is game is really awesome! Congrats, guys! 5 stars

Game is nicely polished, but has issues with laptops, combinations of 2 or more buttons on some laptops cause the keyboard to spazz out. Not an issue that can be addressed by the gamemaker obviously, but there should be an available work-around as i was not able to map anything but my keyboard and kept falling into spike pits.

its alright but it would probably be better if the movement buttons were the up, down, left, right buttons so you have more selection between buttons you already know and ones you dont feel right with like who uses the z x c and shift keys in a game? but overall, its a pretty good game

Choppy movement, graphics are rather mediocre and dull, the character design is quite bland, very sticky movement, and the story is told in huge paragraphs, which is very dull as well. I'm not a huge fan of the music, it comes off as rather bland to me. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I had to be blunt. It needs work.