Reviews for "Darktopia"

alright listen up, you earned a review from me,

this game is nice, everything runs smoothly, the music is excellent, I really liked it. Now why do I only give it 4 stars ?

I suppose you guys already played Metroid or Castlevania before ? Fantastic games huh ? Very complex, with a lot of levels... you could get lost pretty easily. Fortunately for us there is a minimap. What's that ? I will repeat it for you, a minimap : "m-i-n-i-m-a-p"

I found myself lost so many fucking times and I'm not bad at orientating myself usually. A minimap is definitely what this game is missing.

Good game overall.

This game was great!

It was rather well balanced as well. I would like to see a sequel to this game.

Also, I did a no death clear run :D

For reference, my key settings...

Overall a pretty good game, a lot of time has obviously been put into this, but most of this may be too frustrating for a lot of new gamers. ( No0bs.) so, i think you should add an easy mode. Other than that, nice work.

But I could get try again medal.

Ending is realy bad after such a long play...i had full hearthcontainer 1 shoot and i am dead? and the persons isnt even suspisious of the behavior from don....
there is a bug the medal "TRY AGAIN?" wont unlook...even if you died 10 times..