Reviews for "Red Wedding"

This wasn't very good sorry. The animation left a lot to be desired, very little detail, the gore was terrible I would have given it another star if you would have just completely went all the way with it, but was rather dull humor.

That and since it is just ripping off on this joke of a show there is no originality in this.

Pretty funny parody.
I laughed when I realised the reason she didn't die in the book was because she wasn't in it.

Another awesome Game of Thrones parody, I always love your "noodle arm" characters.

Haha i still like your animation style, hilarious stuff man!
I haven't even watched GoT yet but this might give me the nudge to finally check it out.
Keep up the great work and make more animations, STAT!

"I didnt even died in the book" Lol.