Reviews for "soccer skill"

Hm... stage 6, boxes O:

Seems simple at the first place, but it's not that easy (well, for noobs like me). I just get bored after few levels. The sounds are pretty cool and the instructions are clear.

The game is alright, but it needs some polish, and preferably some music. Although the cheering crowd in the background is a nice touch, I don't feel it is a good substitute to real music.

At one point in stage 4 I got the ball into the goal (arched it up and over, then it bounced off the back wall and in) and it registered as a miss.

It seems like a complete game, and if you're into this kind of game, go for it, but realize that until a couple details are fixed, it may seem lack-luster.

It's too hard and the timing after you make a goal is like a glitch almost. Plus one time to score and you failed?? Plus this game is very similar to other soccer games -_- Boo that. You could give more lives and make it more original.