Reviews for "Train Fellow"

how the fck am i supposed to get a new beer when i go to get a new one she is mad that i am "looking" when im just trying to get another beer...... i cant move past this part

Why does she touch herself although she knows that he's there-w-

I hate the try not to get caught looking thing.Its imposable and boring

I felt intellectually insulted and more depressed than anything due to the annoying character I had. In no circumstance does the mini-game make sense as soon as the beer is involved. The ending was unsatisfactory for the effort I had to put into it to make sure that I wasn't kicked out of my train car because the woman sitting across from me decided to grope herself.
Go back to your old animation style; I know the pictures used were stolen, but at least you could put out M&F's often and with good quality.

D: i love it