Reviews for "Train Fellow"

Courage means doing the right thing...

Honestly man, when I first discovered your work, I was hooked! The artwork was so good and the characters were so cool! I especially loved the magic shop with its creative ways of alchemical erotica!

But nowadays this stuff just seems to be wasting your talent man.

I dont mean be blunt, but your recent games have been total garbage. I cant even complete this one. I'm afraid they're not even games any more. I'm sorry, but a game's supposed to be fun.

Think about it. Instead of wasting time with all these half arsed meet N fuck clones, why don't you spend some time developing a fresh project? You could set up your own forum, maybe your own website, dedicated to the art of amazing flash erotica!!! There are plenty of hentai artists on the internet who could help collaborate with you! Imagine the amazing ideas your fans could come up with!! Why don't you try and dedicate some proper time and energy in creating a worthwhile project? I'm sure all the fans would support you, I'd even donate funds myself if I knew they could develop something awesome in return!

C'mon man do something worthwhile with your life!

You are an artist after all...

Nasty shes black

why does a sex game got to be so tedious DX

Good game. I just people are to horny and want to get to the action, ya its a little long trying to fill the courage bar but over all its a good game.

lets not forget people about all the other games in which you must pay to even play. i will tell you all right now that the people paying for those games are being completely conned into paying for games that are literally only a little longer than the demos they put out. im not kidding any of you, some of the games like his little mermaid parody, the jessica rabbit game, and the last costumer full games are only about a few seconds longer than the demos in which they are all kinda boring but very lazily made. compared to the older games the older ones out last the new ones by entire minutes while some of them last for about less than one or two minutes which is mainly boring game play of just "make sure you're not caught" or just straight to the sex which is actually boring and at times disturbing because of how disproportional the bodies are as well as the characters are very very undesirable. dont even bother with him you guys, cause even for his paying costumers he gives the bare minimum with painful minigames and even less rewarding scenes. its both scripted and boring, stop doing this to your old fans who dont pay and your fans who pay so much for your stuff