Reviews for "Train Fellow"

I think I'm being fair giving it 2.5 stars....seriously this isn't nowhere NEAR as good as even the stuff you started out making...I'm losing hope just like everyone else. I'm giving the rating I am, because I guess it was kind of fun doing the little minigame scenes...but the ending was dissapointing. There was nothing to this one....take your time on a game like you used to....believe me. We would all rather wait, than have our hopes crushed with a game like this....

I do believe I've lost hope in you VadimGod. I'll still play your old games, but I'm not touching anymore of your new stuff. I'm sorry, but you are just a washed up and sad version of the man I knew.
This "game" sucks all around.

I'm sorry VadimGoD, but WHAT, IS THIS?! Do you call this a "Game"?! More like a fucking mash of combined laziness and bad game design altogether! I'm beginning to lose hope in you, because all you're doing is going downhill. I'm beginning to think that you're not gonna stay with the old meet n' fuck design, just like in 2010 or something. What is wrong with you, VadimGoD?! Do you not care for your fans?! I can't even click the Play button to how ugly this shit is. Oh, and my last words, VadimGoD? PULL. YOUR SHIT. TOGETHER. Tnagn, out.

So much beer wasted for such a quickie.

No awesomeness in this one, the ending was boring and unworthy.