Reviews for "Random Fact Generator 2.0"

I found this to be a simple and relaxing interactive fact game.

I think the most interesting fact that appeared on here is that high heels were originally meant to be worn by men to signify their masculinity and high status. I also found the F-Zero X having unlimited tracks to be quite interesting. Seeing the game generates unlimited tracks on the X-Cup means that game can truly be endless! The lab grown penis that was eventually grafted onto a rabbit was pretty funny I think.

Another good funny fact was that there are eighteen different animals for animal crackers even though they all taste the same, good sense of humor. Hello Kitty (Kitty White), originating in London and being five apples tall was also neat.

A fact that needs to be changed is "The Game Boy is the best selling game system of all time." It's actually the third best best selling of all time right below the Nintendo DS (#2 top seller) and Playstation 2 (#1 top seller). Another error was the Wrigleys Gum fact, first is spelled as fist.

The medals were also easy to get for the most part. The secret medal however took the longest, the hint that it involves one of the few facts mentioning high places narrows it down, however; the fact it can take awhile for those facts to appear makes it a medal that just tests how patient you are to find it too.

The music that plays is calming. However, it may not have been a bad idea to clip off a few seconds of the song so that it loops rather than restarting. Saying this as every time the song would restart, the volume control in the game would appear again.

Saminat did a nice job on making a background for this little game. The only thing I think could have made it better is if the clouds were moving in the background slowly over time.

Overall, aside from a couple of errors on facts and the Secret medal taking awhile to find, this was a rather fun game. It also makes a nice time waster if the player has nothing better to do with their time.

If you know how to find the "secret", PM me, please.

So much info to fill my head here :D

my grandfather actually made a large omelette with an ostrich egg when he was young. one large one, not 11 regular ones.

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Smash the what?