Reviews for "Random Fact Generator 2.0"

Oh mah god the condom thing XDDDDD this game is kinda awesome

this isnt too bad. just add more desing

Nice job with the 6.7 billion relatives fact (for those who didn't realize there are about 6.7 billion people alive on Earth at this moment.)

One fact I would like to clarify, due to an "improper" naming, the Zombie Fungus is called Cordyceps (the specific strain you were referring to is Ophiocordyceps unilateralis)

I liked this game until I got ' The Unknown Olympic Sport.' That was insulting! you would get 4 stars for this if that was not there, instead, you get half a star for effort.

ForNoReason responds:

really? How was that insulting?

" There is a secret fact in this gadget. You have to search pretty high to find it " - one of the facts in this game. I think it's a clue for getting "secret" medal. Good luck in finding ! | I love this "gadget" very intresting things.