Reviews for "Villager Comes to Town"

I guess you could say Link had a...
Face lift.

...Oh god, I'm so sorry.

ArinsMind responds:

Sure is the REEL deal. That joke was hook line and sinker. Don't bother fishing for better puns.
I'll stop now.

I can't stop re-watching xD this is the best!

yarbush balabush

When you just play a game you almost never get the reason why tha japanese nintendo people made it.But I still dont get the concept of dis game...AND IT IS NOT ALONE,3 moar versons of animal crossing.Odd cuz i get mario,kirby,link,sonic,samus,bla,bla,
bla...GOES ON 1000 TIMES MORE ^w^ I get this parody better then da real game! XD make moar

He looks innocent in the outside but inside he is a killer.
And thats why he is in brawl