Reviews for "Villager Comes to Town"

can anyone bascically pm me how to upload stuff on here?

sad thing is, this is probably pretty accurate, given the eye sparkle from the official trailer, and from what happened in that one lets play series of animal crossing. you know the one I'm talking about...

its those soulless eyes and creepy smile that made this joke....and the fact he is in the next smash bros!

Why is anyone freaking out when the villager come to SSB when the FUCKING WII-FIT TRAINER WANTS US TO BE HEALTHY OR DIE!!!!
Great animation, but rather short and the animation is quite simple.

I guess you could say Link had a...
Face lift.

...Oh god, I'm so sorry.

ArinsMind responds:

Sure is the REEL deal. That joke was hook line and sinker. Don't bother fishing for better puns.
I'll stop now.