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Reviews for "Paintcars"

wow a really challenging game nice work!

Fun little puzzle game. Makes you think before you act. Reminds me of a lesson my art teacher taught me in high school. She wouldn't allow us to use pencils because you can correct your mistakes. We had to use pen for everything and if we made a mistake we had to work with what we had done. I still use only pens to this day, because it makes me think before I write/draw anything which is exactly what this game does. Great job!

Daggietainment responds:

Makes sense. I think I'll stick with my pencil though, I fear that otherwise my drawings will look like they're made by a five year old.
Thanks for the comment!

Fantastic game, just wasted half an hour or so to get those medals. The music in the background could be longer or more varied because after like the 10th level it is getting annoying. Very well-made maps you did there, I enjoyed it a damn lot. Keep up the good work, hope to see new projects by your hands.
Best regards,

Daggietainment responds:

Woot! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, music isn't really my thing. It's the only thing I never do myself. I have to admit this happy, fluffy, upbeat song gets annoying after it's repeated 100 times.

I liked the game. After playing a few rounds I did find the music annoying but overall I had fun. I wonder how this new job-thing will influence your games? Do you think that your hard drive might become littered with unfinished projects?

Daggietainment responds:

Hey man, thanks for playing.
For once my hard drive isn't littered with unfinished projects. I published all the crap I had laying around (not all on NG though). I'm working on something new, more ambitious. Thing is, when I come home from work I really don't feel like coding and drawing anymore. It's against my lazy nature. :D I do some development in the weekends, but progress is slow that way. I really look forward to having some time to put some work in my current game.

Nice one, a little bit challenging, but not too hard. One problem: The banner. It´s too big, one of the red car parts is too hard to finish at the first attempt, gotta remove the banner or make it smaller. Although... Good game. Deserves at least 4.